Smart City Solutions

Fast-growing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is changing the way we live and cities operate. The Smart City solution is a comprehensive system that features top-level design, integration, operations, service applications, and new ICT infrastructure. Cities use new ICT to sense, analyze, and converge key data from city operations and management systems, so that managers can intelligently respond to a variety of governance, livelihood, and business needs.

Cinfy's smart city solutions are designed keeping in mind the growing importance of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Our comprehensive suite of smart city solutions ranges from traffic management, energy efficiency to e-governance, intelligent lighting systems, home and building efficiency systems and smart healthcare.

The solution includes a state of the art Command and Control Centre (CCC) where the entire city's information is collected, viewed and analyzed through an integrated video wall. The solution includes elements such as sensors, cameras, smart signaling and parking systems, smart metering, solar powered lights, air and water quality monitoring sensors and city surveillance systems. Our e- Governance, e-health systems include platforms for citizen engagement and services such as tax payments, grievance redressal online medical consultation, etc.

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Command and Control Centre : A holistic and integrated Command Control Centre will include Video surveillance system, Video Management Software, Video Analytics and Operation Command Control Center. Geographic Information System (GIS) based Command & Control Decision Support System plays a vital role in assisting Public Safety and Law Enforcement organizations to monitor, manage, plan and execute the real-time management tasks effectively. This system offers sustainable solutions to Departments for planning safe areas. The GIS based Decision Support System solves the functional requirements to build the end-to-end solutions and enhances the operational efficiency.

E-Governance : Cinfy looks at Smart City solutions from a holistic standpoint where the smart systems actually increase the efficiency of the Government programs and helps them reach its beneficiaries - The people.

Kiosk based Solutions : The Interactive Kiosk Experience Platform comprises of Hardware based Interactive Clients (a set of interactive computing and collaboration devices), a management platform, collaboration applications, and a network infrastructure to deliver web-based applications and multimedia content through interactive displays and kiosks to Citizens.

Smart Solid Waste Management : Smart sensors and sensor-level M2M technology can be deployed for waste management where the sensors communicate to the waste management authorities. It can tell them whether the container is at full capacity, when it needs to be emptied, what temperature the container is at, etc., allowing the authorities to work more efficiently.