Skill & Training Tracking Solutions

Our Learning and Skills Tracking solutions assist you to track employee skills, training & qualifications and manage employee learning requirements. Our solution assists organizations to make sure that all employees receive and complete the required training for their role. It allows you to customize course compliance based on job titles, functions and individual employees. Our Learning & Skills Tracking solution assists organizations to track employees' skills, training and qualifications and manage their current and future learning requirements. Designed to handle the complex and time consuming administrative elements associated with training and learning, our solution effortlessly manages, tracks and reports on employees' learning activities. It makes it easy to track, follow-up, and verify training at the push of a button. Our solution can assist you to:

  • Reduce administration. Managers can be confident that information is accurate, up to date and considerably less time will be spent on tracking skills and training, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their role.
  • Facilitate the tighter management of training budgets and optimization of training schedules for maximum value. The solution has been proven to reduce employee training costs by centrally managing, tracking and reporting on employee's learning activities.
  • Ensure that all employees receive and complete the required training, for the efficient execution of their role, and in line with compliance and certification requirements of regulated industries.
  • Monitor on the job certification and licensing and assign training required for regulatory approval.
  • Ensure you have better and more accurate up to date information on courses, administrators, trainers, contracts & venues.
  • Generate reports on skills, qualifications and competency levels. Reports can be generated at an employee, department, function, team or corporate level.
  • Automate training schedules from course invitation to approval and acceptance. Enable managers to enroll and assign employees on a schedule, for a given course module or topic, for a specific date, time and location.