Product Development

Cinfy has excellent track record of providing quality excellence in product to the doorstep of the customer. We help our clients to set up extension of technology teams at offshore software development facility in India. We help small to medium product companies and support them throughout entire lifecycle of product development. Our Outsourced Product Development Services make sure that it manages rapid changes in latest technologies, cutting costs, market trends, and need to shorten time-to-market for surviving in every increasing competition.

Our service offerings cover wide range of services that ranges from start of product development till product support. Our services make sure that we cover each and every phase of product development section to ensure its smooth production flow. We cover offerings like Writing Business Plans, Market Research, Design & Architecture, Development, Testing, Integration, Maintenance, Modification & Optimization, 24×7 Tech support. Our product development and support model ensures delivering cost-effective, highly-efficient and high quality software products.

It is important in any Product Development to understand its core objective and key USP. Cinfy's product development team excels in not only preserving these objective while developing them but also ensure it adds value to the overall product features with their vast amount of experience. We also ensure that while we do this time, cost and quality are kept in control. Our Product development process allows clients to quickly ramp up or down teams developing the product depending upon the Product Lifecycle and business needs.

Cinfy's Product Development offering and lifecycle

  • Product Visualization
  • Product Designing
  • Product Development Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Product Deployment Lifecycle Management
  • Product Reengineering
  • Product Upgrades
  • Product Support & Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Product Enhancements