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Globally, India continues to be a major destination for software & product development outsourcing. With the markets worldwide becoming knowledge-intensive, India has been constantly evolving and setting new benchmarks to become the destination of choice for knowledge-based services. Cinfy is a prominent software & product development and outsourcing company. We reckon that we need to consistently upgrade our skill sets to grow and thrive in this cutting-edge IT industry.

In keeping with our goal to serve clients globally, we are constantly on the lookout for like-minded partners. For this, we welcome all established companies as well as start-ups and standalone consultants with strong client base from around the world to join us in a strategic and legal alliance. This is could for product development in mobile and the web, real-time systems, Blockchain solutions or IOTs

Long story short, as partner companies we wish that we mutually share profits and losses, and undertake risk and revenues ventures with the high amount of gusto and promise.

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We are determined to extend and sustain our partnership with those who are ready to meet industry-driven challenges with customer-driven approach along with us.