Offshore Software Outsourcing

Growing competition is inculcating "sense of quality" and "value for money" in the consumers worldwide. This has a direct impact on the margins of product and service providers, since better quality means increased cost, and value for money means lesser shelf price. To maintain sustainable margins, the best option seems to be outsourcing non-core activities (and even core activities to some extent) to offshore locations (especially developing nations) so the costs can be brought down.

Important aspect to understand in these engagements is that problems do happen and they will keep happening, but the idea is to take right measures to ensure that these problems do not repeat. Most of the clients or suppliers run out of a relationship after problems and these problems keep coming in all new relationships.

Cinfy Systems has invested its expertise and efforts in identifying the pain areas for such engagements and has evolved with mutually beneficial "Value Added Transparency" models. These engagement models not only ensure that transparency is maintained throughout the engagement but also that this transparency is utilized for overall value addition to the engagement by learning lessons and incorporating these lessons at every level of transparency.

We realize that the key to success is not hiding problems from the clients but looking at every problem or a deemed problem openly, discussing it with the client and treating it as an opportunity to improve the efficiency of engagement with this learning.

What differentiates Cinfy?

Over the years, through our experience in multiple client engagements, we have identified and perfected the process of providing Offshore Software Solutions as a service and achieving the Key Value Points repeatedly for each customer at each stage of providing deep customer satisfaction. The Key Value Points that we try to achieve at different stages in all our client engagements are -

  • Personalized Customer Interaction with direct access to relevant technical and techno-commercial profiles
  • Flexible Engagement Models to fit to the business objectives of the client
  • Efficient and Lean Working Methodologies to achieve cost efficiencies resulting in cost benefits to the customer
  • State-Of-Art Infrastructure to ensure seamless and smooth interaction with the customer in an offshore mode