Government to Citizen (G2C) Solutions

G2C (Government to Citizen) is a term that refers to the relationships between organizations (subjects) of public administration and a citizen(s). The designation can be used for any relationship between the subject of public administration and the citizen, most often it is used as one of the basic relationship within e-Government models. The initiative comes from a federal organization (public administration) and citizens are the target group. G2C concept is used for expressing the relationship between public administration and citizens. The relationship may refer the demand for information from the citizen in any life situation or a transfer of an official document to the citizen. The abbreviation is usually used to refer to the ICT solution that converts such communication to the electronic form or to describe a solution that simplifies the communication between public administration and citizens (e.g. office website or public service catalog).

The e-Governance scenario in India has come a long way since computers were first introduced. The focus now is on extending the reach of governance to have a major impact on the people at large. As stated earlier, e-Governance is an important tool to enhance the quality of government services to citizens, to bring in more transparency, to reduce corruption and subjectivity, to reduce costs for citizens and to make government more accessible. A large number of initiatives have been taken in this category by the Union and the State Governments.

We are serving citizens needs while working on government projects for many years now. Our E-Governance service practices include a vast array of services.

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