Cyber Security

Over 77% of all cyber-crimes target small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) and yet, research shows 42% of small and midsize businesses don't see cyber-crime as a risk. Securing your growing enterprise against cyber threats is critical, but it takes time and resources away from growth activities. The problem only gets worse when traditional security solutions fail to stop advanced attacks. Ransomware is another common method of cyber extortion for financial gain. It's a type of attack that instantly prevents users from interacting with their files, applications or systems until the victim pays the ransom and the attacker restores access with a decryption key.intelligence and robotics.

Advanced detection and prevention supported by actionable threat intelligence is the best defense against ransomware and other advanced attacks. Our solution defends against the growing and ever-changing ransomware threat. It provides real-time, inline ransomware protection for multiple attack vectors to prevent or interfere with the activation of ransomware and protect you from financial loss and business disruption.

Our Network Security and Email Threat Prevention solution -

  • Addresses the low-maintenance, low-cost, high-value cyber security needs of your growing enterprise
  • Integrates with your conventional cyber security products to extend your defenses
  • Protects your business against the cost and disruption of a breach
  • Detects advanced attacks in real time — even those that other security solutions miss

The cybersecurity consultants at Cinfy, will work with you to:

  • Assess and protect with services that include security engineering and management, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and security compliance
  • Support your deployment and enforcement of the NIST Risk Management Framework and NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Ensure compliance with the leading federal, defense, and industry security standards
  • Automate and enforce processes for IT security risk management and compliance
  • Continuously monitor and manage information security risks
  • Streamline mapping of assets, vulnerabilities, and controls to enable continuous compliance