Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

There are over 12 billion connected devices in the world today and it is increasing. Collecting and connecting all that valuable data from these facilitates the way we work. With our technology-agnostic approach and domain expertise, our team can provide a roadmap to transform your business model into the 21st century enterprise. Social media, data from internet systems, and other various data sources pose big challenge. However, this data can be a huge corporate asset for the organization.

We offer to leverage our Analytical tools to reinvent your business processes. Our team will help you to change the way you work. We have skills, resources which will help you turn business data into business insights.

Business intelligence is a powerful way by which organizations can transform raw data into useful data using various tools and techniques which can be used for business analysis. It is a highly technology driven process which helps business to take informed decisions. Cinfy provides all useful info at one place in the form of dashboards. This will help organizations gain more insights across various data sets and drive better results in every aspect of business. We offer a customized framework with multiple modules including Big Data Analytics, Structured search and indexing, Natural Language comprehension, Predictive Modelling and smarter analytics.

The solution helps integrate multiple and varied datasets into a single repository to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, identify key relationships that can help organizations make more-informed decisions. The repository allows organizations to analyze Terabytes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data and allows users to use multiple statistical models to reach their conclusions. The Big Data Analytical Platform handles text, images, video, audio files and structured data sets and allows the end user multiple options to explore data, analyze trends and insights.

  • Distributed Processing - Our Big Data Analytical Platform supports parallel processing where multiple cores can be used to execute queries
  • Full Text Indexing and search - The Data repository supports full text indexing and searching for unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Customized Dashboards - Allows users to create interactive, visual dashboards to view, share and explore key data. Users can also deep dive into the data for root causes, discover trends and more
  • Customized Reports and alerts - Users can define their customized alerts and reports to explore his data in multiple views
  • Location Intelligence - Inbuilt location intelligence for an organization to identify hotspots, gather intelligence on geographies
  • State of the art Visual analytics
  • Relationship Graph
  • Timeline Analysis
  • Geo Spatial Analysis
  • Multiple Charts recommendations