Blockchain Payment and Money Transfer Solutions

Perhaps the most well-known Blockchain application is being able to send and receive payments. Since Blockchain technology has its beginnings in cryptocurrency, this makes sense. But, how exactly is this beneficial for small business owners. By using Blockchain technology, you're able to transfer funds directly and securely to anyone you want in the world almost instantly and at ultra-low fees. That's because there aren't any intermediaries slowing down the transfer of funds between several banks and charging outrageous transaction fees.

The central banks of some of the world's largest countries are exploring Blockchain technology for a wide range of potentially far-reaching applications, including national digital currencies and global payment solutions. Although the banks generally stress that the technology is at an early stage, they are also starting to identify potential technical hurdles and areas where additional regulations may be required.

Central banks that are actively investigating and in some cases experimenting with Blockchain include those of the United States, Canada, China, U.K., France, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, and Sweden. Though they are generally positive about the technology's potential for applications such as international payment solutions, they also note technical obstacles such as scalability and other concerns such as privacy, security and legal issues.

Central banks' interest in Blockchain represents further recognition of the technology's potential to transform many aspects of financial systems worldwide, from international payments solutions to new digital currencies. Notably, though, central banks generally emphasize that the technology is at an early stage and may be years away from widespread use for such applications. They also identify potential hurdles, including technical and legal concerns, that would need to be overcome.

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