Blockchain Development

Blockchain, as the name indicates, are blocks that carry information – batches of transactions and such blocks are appended into a chain. The chains are secured using a key called hash which gets encoded in the next following block. Every owner of the transaction has a key. This way, any attempt to alter the transaction is sure to raise an alarm. A new transaction is added to the ledger by a process called mining.

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), was originally invented to support the crypto-currency Bitcoin. It provides an immutable, secure record of transactions, potentially making transactions more efficient by eliminating the need for trusted intermediaries and cumbersome verification processes.

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More recently, however, the Blockchain has become one of the most widely discussed buzzwords, not only in the payment industry, but across multiple industries. In fact, some believe that Blockchain technology could eventually be more important than the internet. Here we list out few reasons why Blockchain has become one of the most widely discussed buzzword -

  • Prevent anyone - even root users and administrators - from taking control of the system
  • Deny illicit attempts to change data or applications within the network
  • Block unauthorized data access by ensuring encryption keys can never be misappropriated

Let us know your concept of converting existing applications to Blockchain. Our team will assist you.